Optimizing shareholder value of Family-owned businesses by conducting a vendor due diligence

How to conduct vendor due diligence could optimize shareholder value of family-owned businesses? At least 4 value creation paths. According to recent statistics, 25% of Belgian family businesses plan to transfer ownership within 5 years (Family business network, 2020). Handing over a business is a strategic decision involving human and economic aspects, which are rarely reversible […]

How to handle an unsolicited bid?

1. Know your potential buyer. You manage your business, so know its strengths and weaknesses as well as its culture. But do you know the characteristics of your potential buyer, his financial capacities, size and scope, track record and shareholder structure? Are they aligned with yours? These are critical pieces of information to evaluate two […]

The art market, increased liquidity and attractive returns

The art market has benefited from a 7.6% return per year since 2000 for contemporary art and an interesting increase in liquidity. Investments in works of art have become an asset class in their own right and increasingly privileged in the dynamic management of the portfolios of wealthy people and rightly so because the liquidity […]