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E-Spring advises shareholders, investors and entrepreneurs throughout the entire M&A deal lifecycle. We are focused on providing acquisition, divestiture and transaction strategy advisory services. In each case, we commit to deploy client-centric approaches to efficiently meet all your requests and support your goals.

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The acquisition of a company is usually part of a larger plan. We help you develop this plan and implement it to reach your long-term goals. Our strong local culture and our international contacts, associated with a deep understanding of your core business and environment are keys assets that provide you with access a wide range of opportunities.

At E-Spring, we help our clients in their external growth strategies. From the identification of potential targets to the negotiation of the final transaction, we support them throughout the process of acquiring businesses by managing the project from the cradle to the grave.

Whether you want to sell a business you’ve set up and have been running for 30 years or make a strategic exit at a specific milestone of your business life, we support you by preparing the transaction and optimise the value of your business. We are your partner and work side by side with you to achieve the best deal with the best fit. Indeed, our pragmatic approach allows us to introduce you to your best match buyer and for you to benefit from the best possible experience until closing.

We design and execute transactions. We provide fully marketed transactions, from the identification of qualified prospects to a process including several bidders. We do not act as a broker: we take time to understand the value drivers in your organization, its strategic value, and to identify the best potential buyers.

An M&A plan involves important decisions; the outcome of the transaction will have a significant impact on the future of your business. Knowing that the upstream preparation of potential acquisitions or divestiture is a key element of success, any leader must rely on the high-quality expertise of experienced advisers.

Therefore, in a pre-transaction context, we offer tailor-made support to decision-makers through market screening, sectorial analysis, target identification, valuation, reorganization of shareholders, disposal of non-strategic assets, and more. Our analysis is based on an objective analysis, to help you build a sustainable M&A strategy, find the right partner, and negotiate fair terms and conditions.

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