E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (Recap 2022 & Trends for 2023)

SaaS stocks have significantly underperformed in 2022. The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index is no exception, with EV/Sales multiples falling by around 40% over the year. SaaS Market Overview: The global market size is estimated at USD 186.6 billion in 2022, growing at a historical annual growth rate of 18%, and is expected to exceed 200 […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2022 Q2)

SaaS stocks continued to plunge in this second quarter of the year. The E-Spring index fell by around 35 % in this quarter alone. The second quarter of 2022 has seen a confirmation of the fall in public SaaS companies’ valuations. Financial markets have lived to the rhythm of the central banks’ interest rate hike […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2022 Q1)

SaaS stocks plunged in the first quarter of the year. The E-Spring index dropped by around 21% in terms of EV/Sales. The first quarter of the year remains on the same trajectory as the year end of 2021 with a decline in valuation. Public SaaS companies are now trading at 2020 type levels. We seem […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2021 Q4)

Software stocks have significantly underperformed at the end of the year. The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index was no exception, falling by around 10% in terms of EV/Sales 2021 multiples during the fourth quarter. In contrast to previous quarters, the fourth quarter marked a break in the software industry, both in terms of market capitalisation and […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2021 Q3)

Since the previous quarter, the Q3 2021 E-Spring B2B SaaS Index remained at a record high valuation with 14X EV/Sales versus 13,7X EV/Sales in Q2 2021. The third quarter of 2021 looks to be a continuation of Q2. The market is showing support for these range of valuations. Such trend could be a sign that the […]

CSR: consistency, momentum, and corporate strategy

According to the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, sustainable investment, an approach to investment that incorporates environmental, social, and governance factors into the composition of portfolios, account for $35.5 trillion in assets under management in 2020, or 36% of global assets under management, a share that has grown remarkably over the past two years by 15%. […]

Why corporate strategy is essential to M&A transactions?

The interest of growing companies in mergers & acquisitions continues to accelerate with an outstanding +30% in deal value during the first half of 2021 (Thomson Reuters, 2021). And it makes sense. Implemented well, growth by acquisition can be a highly fruitful process for any company. However, it is no secret that some of the […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2021 Q2)

Since the previous quarter, the E-Spring B2B SaaS B2B Index 2Q21 remained relatively flat with no sign of slowdown. The Q2 Index closed at 13,68X EV/SALES 2021 compare with 14,92X EV/SALES 2021 in Q1 2021. This second quarter did not start well for Public SaaS companies as investors were changing their minds, moving from tech focus to a more […]

L’incontournable valeur de la RSE dans les processus de M&A

Les critères de responsabilité sociale, économique et environnementale (RSE) deviennent incontournables dans les processus M&A. Découvrez comment les petites et moyennes entreprises (PME) créent de la valeur grâce à l’implantation d’une politique responsable. Si le processus de mise en place et de gestion d’une politique de responsabilité sociale, économique et environnementale s’est d’abord imposée aux […]