E-Spring successfully advised the shareholders of Matrix Requirements

Lauxera Capital Partners invests €10m in German Medtech software company Matrix Requirements. This initial investment allows Lauxera to take a majority stake and support active business development efforts alongside an ambitious product development roadmap. Matrix Requirements helps medical device companies meet their growing need for quality and regulatory compliance in a world where the lines […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2022 Q1)

SaaS stocks plunged in the first quarter of the year. The E-Spring index dropped by around 21% in terms of EV/Sales. The first quarter of the year remains on the same trajectory as the year end of 2021 with a decline in valuation. Public SaaS companies are now trading at 2020 type levels. We seem […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2021 Q4)

Software stocks have significantly underperformed at the end of the year. The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index was no exception, falling by around 10% in terms of EV/Sales 2021 multiples during the fourth quarter. In contrast to previous quarters, the fourth quarter marked a break in the software industry, both in terms of market capitalisation and […]

Comment réussir la transmission de son entreprise ?

À la veille de la Semaine de la Transmission – qui se déroulera du 15 au 19 novembre 2021 – à laquelle E-Spring capital participera activement à Bruxelles et en Wallonie, le constat est là : plus de 80% des entreprises familiales ne sont pas préparées à la cession de leurs activités et risquent de rencontrer des difficultés […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2021 Q3)

Since the previous quarter, the Q3 2021 E-Spring B2B SaaS Index remained at a record high valuation with 14X EV/Sales versus 13,7X EV/Sales in Q2 2021. The third quarter of 2021 looks to be a continuation of Q2. The market is showing support for these range of valuations. Such trend could be a sign that the […]

Why corporate strategy is essential to M&A transactions?

The interest of growing companies in mergers & acquisitions continues to accelerate with an outstanding +30% in deal value during the first half of 2021 (Thomson Reuters, 2021). And it makes sense. Implemented well, growth by acquisition can be a highly fruitful process for any company. However, it is no secret that some of the […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2021 Q2)

Since the previous quarter, the E-Spring B2B SaaS B2B Index 2Q21 remained relatively flat with no sign of slowdown. The Q2 Index closed at 13,68X EV/SALES 2021 compare with 14,92X EV/SALES 2021 in Q1 2021. This second quarter did not start well for Public SaaS companies as investors were changing their minds, moving from tech focus to a more […]

E-Spring advises Ubidata

E-Spring, a corporate finance advisory firm dedicated to small & mid-cap companies, advises Ubidata the new generation of Fleet Management Software (FMS) IoT solution. E-Spring Capital’s Financial Strategy services enable entrepreneurs and managers to make the most of their finances using the best market methods. We tailor our approach to fit the company’s strategy and […]

The E-Spring B2B SaaS Index (2021 Q1)

Data from public companies is a key element when valuing a private SaaS company. We believe that every entrepreneur should be able to compare his business to industry benchmarks, so we created the E-Spring B2B SaaS Index. At E-Spring, we like to keep an eye on the SaaS Public companies. The market data gives good […]