The art market, increased liquidity and attractive returns

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The art market has benefited from a 7.6% return per year since 2000 for contemporary art and an interesting increase in liquidity.

Investments in works of art have become an asset class in their own right and increasingly privileged in the dynamic management of the portfolios of wealthy people and rightly so because the liquidity of works of art begins to organize itself. professionally and accessible to any buyer. The multiplicity of online art sales platforms and the accessibility to major auction houses has changed the vision that investors had for the purchase of a work of art, considered in the past as an investment long term, risky and not offering liquidity.

The latest Artprice report (www. published online tells us that notwithstanding the financial crisis of 2008, the contemporary art market has grown by 1,400%, representing an annual return of 7.6% over the last 17 years.
Some specialized funds see it as a source of diversification for their assets and initiatives have been launched to strengthen the market and increase its liquidity.

At the end of 2015, the American investment fund Carlyle and the Swiss private bank Pictet launched a “start up” endowed with a sum of 280 million dollars since its creation: Athena Art Finance which offers an innovative loan solution offering to collectors private and family offices to finance the purchase of works of art thanks to funding lasting from 6 months to 7 years. The art market is indeed a very underdeveloped market in terms of financing solutions, with buyers using in almost the majority of cases equity.

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