E-Spring is a partner of Reaktor

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E-Spring is a partner of Reaktor, the acceleration program for startups ready to scale in Wallonia. 

This year, with the third edition of the program, eight startups have been intensively coached, for more than 15 weeks, to accelerate their growth and prepare them to raise funds on a large scale.

As a partner of the program, E-Spring supports the participants of the training thanks to its deep knowledge of the entrepreneurial and financial sector. Whether from a strategic (e.g. startup financial strategy), technical (e.g. valuation) or networking (e.g. relationship with investment funds) point of view, E-Spring is available to support successful entrepreneurs in their fundraising process.

About Reaktor

Reaktor, an initiative launched by the Belgian startup accelerator Engine, is a tailor-made program dedicated to entrepreneurs in the post-seed stage. The training focuses on the expertise needed to raise funds on a larger scale. This allows participants to complete their training until the road show, during which they have the opportunity to pitch in front of national and international investors (private, public, VC’s, business angels).

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