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E-Spring advises startups, scaleups and family owned companies on corporate finance topics. We are providing valuation, financial modelling and financial advisory services to our clients. Whatever the services, we make it a point of honor to employ a client-centric approach to fulfill all your requests and goals.
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The process of valuation is a critical part of any financial planning or transaction. It is essential to identify the main value drivers that support your business model and to highlight them with a thorough assessment of your financials, technology, market, and management. Our valuation approach will not only bring you an objective evaluation of your company, but it will also provide you with valuable feedback on how you can increase your key performance factors and prepare yourself for questions you will be asked by potential investors or new stakeholders.

Depending on the vertical and on the level of maturity of the company, we deploy specific methods (discounted cash flow method, market comparable method, KPI’s analysis approach, comparable transactions method, etc.). Be that as it may, as a third-party appraiser our deliverable is a cornerstone for your negotiations, that is an independent valuation and fairness of opinion.

Modelling company situations and flows is an essential step to optimize businesses, strategies or projects. Whether it is a financial plan, cash flow statements, sale forecasts, or any other analysis tools for the management and financial planning of a firm, it is critical to use methods that are aligned with your line of business. This way, you can exploit all the strengths of your model and mitigate risk.

Our financial experts have decades of experience in these matters. We create intuitive tools that you can use independently. Once the model is carried out, you will have a laser-sharp view of the current state of your business and your finances, but also a dashboard for the day-to-day management. A tool allowing you to track the results of your business strategy in a refined and granular way.

Corporate finance in startups, scaleups, and established companies is a critical part of the equation, when it comes to stability and forecasting future opportunities and challenges. Some companies do not benefit from in-house skills, which is why E-Spring’s financial professionals are available and committed to optimise your potential and allow you to focus on your core activities.

Therefore, we offer our clients a range of strategic and financial pre-, post- and specific services linked or not to M&A transactions. CFO advisory, CFO ad-interim, post-merger integration plans, benchmarking of metrics with peers’ group, and company evaluations are some examples of services we can provide to you. Our commitment and integrity give you an unbiased opinion on matters where decisions are of strategic nature.

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